Monday, October 02, 2006

Library Instruction Articles at Library Philosophy and Practice

There are two library instruction articles in the new issue of Library Philosophy and Practice.

These are:

Library Instruction Courses: Past Lessons, Future Plans - Abstract: This article describes the redesigning of library instruction courses in the age of electronic information. Older research on instruction for undergraduates is described and discussed and compared with the needs of present-day undergraduates.

Effect of Cooperative, Competitive, and Individual Use of Self Instruction Method (SIM) on Learners' Achievement in Library Skills - Abstract: Self instruction is an instructional technique that is gaining popularity among teachers. Using this technique, students use instructional materials prepared by their teachers. Three approaches – cooperation, competition, and individual approaches were tested on randomly-assigned groups of students. A one-way Anova showed a significant differential effect for this instructional technique on academic achievement in library skills.

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