Monday, November 27, 2006

Are College Students Techno Idiots?

Are College Students Techno Idiots? This article is by Paul D. Thacker and it appeared at Inside Higher Ed. I think the title is a bit overblown but there is some good stuff here relating to information literacy. There are extensive comments from readers as well which help to make this an interesting read.

From the site:

Susan Metros, a professor of design technology at Ohio State University, says that reading, writing and arithmetic are simply not enough for today’s students. What is important for learners is information: how to find it, how to focus it, and how to filter out nonsense. But for many students, their main source for information is Google, which Metros finds troubling.

Last year, she was surprised to learn at a conference that most people look only at the first few hits that come back from a Google query. In fact, only a tiny percentage of Google users even bother to glance at the second page of the search results. “It is well below 1 percent,” she said.

Overreliance on Google is only one of many technology problems facing college students. A new report released Tuesday by the Educational Testing Service finds that students lack many basic skills in information literacy, which ETS defines as the ability to use technology to solve information problems.

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Jennie W said...

I have to admit I agree with this article. As an online teacher you wouldn't believe the amount of technological "idiotness" that I see. Students are untrained and lazy. Both a factor. Some know better - just don't want to put the effort in while others simply have no idea. Primary schools need to be teaching how to properly use the Internet. And playing solitaire doesn't count!