Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Expert Discusses Importance of Information Literacy

Expert Discusses Importance of Information Literacy. The US State Department recently sponsored an online chat on the topic of information literacy. Dennis C. Tucker, librarian, was the facilitator. A transcript of Tucker’s discussion and information on upcoming webchats are available on USINFO's Webchat Station.

From the site:

Given the glut of information available on the Internet today, much of it false or erroneous, information literacy is critical for all, according to Dennis C. Tucker, an information expert who participated in a State Department-hosted webchat November 2.

Information literacy is the ability to use information properly, said Tucker, a librarian. The information-literate person knows where to find what is needed, knows how to validate the information and its source, and knows how to use and cite the information correctly, he added.

As for the proper age to start learning these skills, “It’s almost never too young to start,” Tucker said.

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