Thursday, December 28, 2006

Motor City Bowl 2006

My wife and I attended the Motor City Bowl on Tuesday. As a librarian at Central Michigan University and a doctoral student there as well, I am happy to report that CMU beat Middle Tennessee State University 31-14. It was a good game and it was nice to hang out in downtown Detroit for a day.

I will admit that college football is one of the reasons I am an academic librarian today. I almost did not go to college. I was an average student in high school (50 out of 101) and the thought of paying for more schooling did not appeal to me. I had the opportunity to get a factory job for what seemed to be good money. Against every one's expectations, I went to college instead. One of my high school teachers told me I was foolish and that I would flunk out at the higher level.

Today, I have been working in academia professionally for fourteen years and I have four degrees. How did this happen? It was college football. I lettered in football in high school and I went to many college football games at Bowling Green State University as I grew up. It was the only "big time" sport in town in Wood County, Ohio. As I made my fateful choice, my love of the college game atmosphere heavily influenced me.

I am happy to finally have attended a college football bowl game. It was fun and I hope to attend more in the future. It is definitely an enjoyable part of higher education and one which many non-college graduates connect to as well.

I also want to compliment the fans of Middle Tennessee State University. I ran into many at the game and at the Marriott at the Renaissance Center where my wife and I stayed overnight. They were polite, friendly, and I had many good conversations with them. When the game ended, many of them came over to me and congratulated the CMU football team. These fans are high class and I hope MTSU goes to a bowl next year as well.

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