Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Issue of MLA Forum is Available

The newest MLA Forum is now available. Articles include College Students, Plagiarism, and the Internet:The Role of Academic Librarians in Delivering Education and Awareness by Todd J. Wiebe, Personality Psychology and the Workplace by Paula Storm and Susann deVries, and Vandals, Administrators, and Sockpuppets, Oh My! An Ethnographic Study of Wikipedia's Handling of Problem Behavior by me.

I wrote the Wikipedia article over a year ago and have an earlier version of it up at my personal site. I would like to thank Pam Eddy, Julie Lorenzen, and Keith Tipton for their helpful suggestions in revising that and earlier drafts of the paper. I did not accept all of the suggestions but I did make changes and I appreciate the time they took to give me feedback.

The MLA Forum seeks submissions for the 12th issue. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate articles of interest to librarians and library staffs of the public, academic, special and school libraries in Michigan. For publication consideration, please submit one copy of a manuscript to: Susann deVries at sdevries at emich.edu. Non-Michigan authors are welcome to submit and I am happy to note that MLA Forum is now being indexed by Library Literature.


Anonymous said...

I hardly recall making suggestions, but if they were good I'll bill you later ;)

M said...

Yes, you sent me an e-mail with several suggestions on the article after I sent you a link to it. It was probably over a year ago now but I did make some changes based on your comments.