Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Information Literacy Assessment: Standards-Based Tools And Assignments

Information Literacy Assessment: Standards-Based Tools And Assignments. I just ordered this book for the library. It is by Teresa Y. Neely. I hope it is good. Authentic assessment can be tough to pull off.

Here is a review from Booklist by Linda Loos Scarth:

Even prior to the ACRL Information -Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, there were concerns on what to teach and how to assess information competency. Librarians, researchers, and others seeking examples of teaching activities, teaching evaluation, and student outcomes assessment will find a wide selection of examples tied to these standards in this book. Neely and her cowriters discuss ways to integrate standards in what is taught about planning, gathering, evaluating, and using information. They also emphasize information literacy assessment as important to the college accreditation process. There are numerous suggestions for developing and writing assessment instruments. One error that jumped out is the statement in the foreword that other "empirically proven" influences on information literacy are discussed in chapter 8. It would more accurate to say (as was done in chapter 8) that there is evidence of other important variables beyond the ACRL standards, and these too should be assessed. Recommended for researchers and information literacy librarians.

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