Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Internet Resources Wiki

C&RL News has put up a wiki titled Internet Resources Wiki. The index page notes, "Welcome to the C&RL News Internet Resources wiki. Internet Resources articles from the magazine are posted here, so that their authors, as well as the general public, can update them to keep them relevant. When adding your article, please include a reference to the original print version with a link back to the static Web version."

There are only four articles up at the moment but this is new. I just received an invitation to place my extremely dated Distance Education: Delivering instruction in cyberspace from 1998 on the wiki. I will do so and I am sure other authors will as well. I can then go about updating and keeping the article current.

One concern I have is spamming. If these articles get visible on the Web, they will get spammed. I can see dozens of University of Phoenix affiliate site owners adding links to my article. (Hey, they get $500 for everyone who signs up via their link!) And then there are the automated spambots. It takes a lot of effort for a wiki to keep the spam links out. I wonder if ACRL will be able to do this well?

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