Saturday, May 26, 2007

A border runs through it: Tiny town worries feds

Think your library has problems? Check out the Haskell Library which is in both Canada and Vermont, USA. The United States and Canada have the largest undefended border in the world. It is not like either is going to invade the other anytime soon...

But that war on terrorism...

Yeah, there are good reasons for it. But this library goes back over 106 years. The town library is in both countries with the water system served by both sides of border. What a human resource nightmare to deal with employees...

I have no answers. I realize Canada is another country. But there are so many shared communities like this on the border. It is real easy to get to Canada or the USA across the many unguarded points in Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, etc. I hope the library is not singled out too harshly.

For more details, check out A border runs through it: Tiny town worries feds.

From the site:

Step through the front door of the Haskell Library and you're in the United States.

Walk across the carpeted floor to the circulation desk and you're in Canada. But if you sit down on the couch, you're back in the U.S.

The 106-year-old Romanesque building, which straddles the international border, has enjoyed a kind of informal immunity from border restrictions through the years.

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