Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Namibia: Libraries Important Learning Centres

Namibia: Libraries Important Learning Centres. Here is a nice information literacy report out of Namibia. It is by Frederick Philander of New Era.

The acting director of the Namibia Library and Archive Services (Elia Manga) was found to be newsworthy with this quote, "Namibia's broad curriculum explicitly lists information skills as a crucial outcome of schooling. Only small minorities of Namibian schools have libraries and qualified librarians. The development of information literacy therefore depends on the teaching of Basic Information Science (BIS) in Namibian schools. Information skills are more than just having a library full of resources."

Manga further said, "I would also like to emphasize that school library teachers cannot begin to function effectively without the cooperation of every teacher in the school and without the understanding, backing and concern of the school principal. You, as the library teacher, must be a first-class sales person who should plan with other teachers and schedule their learners for media centre visits."

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