Friday, May 04, 2007

Under Threat: City Business Library Means Business

According to, the Corporation of London (formerly known as the City of London), is considering a cost cutting move which would close the City Business Library. Graham Coult has written an editorial (Under Threat: City Business Library Means Business) decrying this as a bad idea. Why? Information literacy....

From the editorial:

One of the key issues here is information literacy. There is a popular conception, and the City of London decision makers show dangerous signs of subscribing to the notion, that everything is available on the web for free, or can be obtained electronically, and that therefore a library as a physical space is not needed. This completely ignores key facts:

* NOT ALL information is available electronically;

* not all of it for free;

* Not all users want to access information electronically;

* Discriminination, discernment and research expertise needs to be applied to get the right information;

* Expertise in selection, acquisition, storage and making available information sources is essential to ensuring those who need information get the best matches for their needs and success.

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