Friday, June 15, 2007

Grant helps launch digital literacy program

The Middletown Journal has an article titled Grant helps launch digital literacy program. It is by Denise Wilson.

The Monroe Local Schools in Ohio have received a 19K grant from the State Library of Ohio. The money is to launch a digital library and purchase materials for literacy training. And by literacy, they mean information literacy too.

Brenda Gehm (a district media specialist) said, "We'll be training our teachers so that when they bring the kids in they can use the laptops in addition to the media lab computers for information literacy. With the information literacy, we're teaching the children not just the old-fashioned researching, but we're teaching the children how throughout their lives anytime they need information how to find the information."

Sounds good. Now I hope someone writes up how this goes and submits it to a journal. This sounds interesting and I hope some good findings come out of this grant.

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