Monday, July 30, 2007

Do more to boost info literacy

The Malaysian Star has a nice opinion piece titled Do more to boost info literacy by Larry Heah. Although not developed, I found his arguments about commercials on TV and how this ties into information literacy interesting.

From the site:

Information literacy or the ability to use information technology to learn, create and live is a challenge in developing countries that have no access and means to implement the necessary infrastructure to develop the citizens' interests and ability to use technology.

In Malaysia, we have a high literacy rate but most graduates are not prepared to meet the demands of learning and using computers in their daily work and lives.

The accessibility and use of the web is dependent on the Internet experience and other factors specific to the needs of various groups of users.

As we gradually adopt the use of technology, we need more effective and efficient services that are publicly available, some of which have become a necessity in many households today.

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