Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lifelong Information Literacy In Southern California

A new issue of Educator's Spotlight Digest is up. This is a publication of S.O.S for Information Literacy. One article in particular caught my attention. It is Lifelong Information Literacy In Southern California by Amy Wallace.

Here is Abby Kasowitz-Scheer's introduction to the article:

Guest columnist Amy Wallace highlights collaborative information literacy initiatives of four higher education institutions in Southern California. Librarians from these institutions serve on an advisory board called LILi (Lifelong Information Literacy) along with representatives from other California libraries including academic, school, public, and special libraries. LILi members investigate information literacy instruction efforts across educational levels in California in an effort to create models of “lifelong sequential information literacy instruction” (Grassian, 2007). A future College Connection column will discuss LILi in more detail.

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