Thursday, December 20, 2007

Passion for Information Literacy

In her Nobel Lecture on December 7, laureate Doris Lessing provides us with a provocative discourse on her view of the state of books, reading and education.

Lessing shares her observations of students from affluent educational institutions mired in literary apathy to individuals from impoverished villages of Zimbabwe imbued with a fierce passion for learning. She noted there is a "great hunger for education in Africa, ... where parents long to get an education for their children which will take them from poverty, to the advantage of an education."

Doris Lessing spoke of the need and importance of literacy in the modern world. Educators, librarians and others seeking to promote information literacy must tap into the passion for learning that she has noted in the underprivileged students of Africa. It is this passion for learning which can overcome a wide range of obstacles.

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