Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Format for MLA Forum

As the editor of MLA Forum, I am pleased to announce that the journal has a new publishing format.

Here is the text from the site:

"MLA Forum is a peer-reviewed, open access journal sponsored by the Michigan Library Association. It is indexed in both Library Literature and LISA and accepts submissions from authors worldwide. MLA Forum has changed its publication pattern. In January 2008, we began publishing a single annual volume, which is updated as articles are published continuously throughout the year. Prior to 2008, MLA Forum was a quarterly publication."

Now, as articles and reviews are approved, they go directly to the journal. There is no longer a need for authors to wait for an arbitrary date to see their writings published.

Here are the first approved articles and book review for the 2008 annual issue (Volume VI).

Michigan Go Local: Connecting Michigan Residents with Health Services by Annette M. Healy, Linda A. Draper, Jill A. Turner, Suzanne M. Van Pelt and Ellen B. Marks.

Endowment Fundraising: Contributions Speak Volumes at the Northville District Library by Barbara Glover.

Sternberg, Eliezer J. Are You a Machine? : The Brain, the Mind, and What It Means to Be Human. Amherst, New York: Humanity Books, 2007. Reviewed by Pamela Grudzien.

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