Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wikipedia & University Teaching

This is a guest post by Stephanie Mathson, Central Michigan University.

I’m not on the Wikipedia bandwagon, but I admit I do use it personally as a quick reference source on miscellaneous topics I want a bit of information about. There are other librarians though who are big supporters of the site; this interesting article was listed in the latest LOEX Currents: What to Do With Wikipedia.

I am intrigued by the suggestions for what instructors can do with Wikipedia, particularly this one: “A professor or information literacy instructor assigns groups of students to evaluate and edit Wikipedia articles, using research from other sources as an evaluative tool.” That might be a great way to introduce Reference (and other library) sources to students in class.

For more info on what’s being done by faculty at a number of institutions to demonstrate how open content sites (like Wikipedia) work, take a look at:

Oh, and also from the latest LOEX Currents, here is a fun fact:

9.0% - percentage of colleges that require a for-credit information literacy course for graduation (Primary Research Group survey of 110 U.S. and CAN colleges). – ResourceShelf, Retrieved from on March 19, 2008.

Food for thought…

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