Friday, April 11, 2008

Libraries urged to embrace ICT to stay relevant

There is another news article relating to information literacy coming out of Brunei. The Borneo Bulletin has an article titled Libraries urged to embrace ICT to stay relevant by P. Marilyn. In it Marilyn writes about The Permanent Secretary (Higher Education) at the Ministry of Education, Awang Haji Daud bin Haji Mahmud, yesterday called for a change in the traditional role of librarians or information officers.

Here is some of what he said during the speech:

"He said the role of libraries in an academic enterprise is dedicated to maintaining the importance and relevance of the academic library as a place of intellectual stimulation and a centre of activity on campus."

"Though access to information is increasingly decentralised, and computer labs now compete with libraries as campus gathering points, librarians must demonstrate to the campus community that the library remains central to the academic process."

"Information literacy skills and user education should be integrated across the curriculum and into appropriate courses with special attention given to information evaluation, critical thinking, intellectual property, copyright and plagiarism."

"As the profession becomes progressively challenging, we have to ensure professional education of new librarians and re-educating existing librarians with skills and knowledge to support new roles in a Digital Information Age, especially roles involving teaching and library promotion."

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