Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Partnering With Librarians to Meet NCATE Standards in Teacher Education

There is a long technical article at Red Orbit on information literacy titled Partnering With Librarians to Meet NCATE Standards in Teacher Education. It is by Tobeylynn Birch, Louise Greenfield, Karen Janke, Deborah Schaeffer, and Ada Woods. If you are a fan of the ACRL Information Literacy Standards, this article is for you.

From the site:

As colleges of education prepare to meet NCATE standards they will find technically savvy allies and willing collaborators at their campus libraries. The ACRL standards that guide librarians in the delivery of information literacy instruction parallel four of the six NCATE standards. In meeting the standards of their own professional association, academic librarians have prepared themselves to be knowledgeable partners in me achievement of NCATE information literacy and technology standards. As the numerous studies and projects discussed here indicate, librarians and school of education faculty are already collaborating in a variety of ways to meet the challenge of producing information literate teachers. The variety of responses also illustrate there is no panacea or single approach, and that there are many options and opportunities available for education professionals to meet NCATE standards.

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