Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Report on the Thirteenth Off-Campus Library Services Conference

I recently had the privilege of visiting Salt Lake City, Utah for a library conference. It was the Off-Campus Library Services Conference. I had a great time and really enjoyed visiting Utah. In addition to attending many great sessions, I presented a paper on publishing for librarians. It is in the conference proceedings already and I also hope to get the paper up on the Central Michigan University Digital Repository soon. I also visited some attractions in Salt Lake City such as Temple Square.

I enjoyed the conference and hope to go again next time this conference is held. Here are a few PowerPoint slides from some sessions held dealing with library instruction or information literacy:

Using Online Tutorials to Reduce Uncertainty in Information Seeking Behavior

Visual Tutorials for Point- of-Need Instruction in Online Courses

How It’s Done: Examining Distance Education Library Instruction and Assessment

Creation, Management, and Assessment of Library Screencasts: The Regis Libraries Animated Tutorials Project

Information Literacy Successes Compared: Online vs. Face to Face

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