Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Information Literacy Roundtable presents inaugural Michigan Information Literacy Initiative (MILI) program

Even though it is last minute; here is a great opportunity!!

The Information Literacy Roundtable Board invites you to attend the June 6 inaugural Michigan Information Literacy Initiative (MILI) program at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

The MILI program is a day-long series of workshops to help you enhance your planning, instruction and teaching skills. Our speakers are committed to providing you with interactive programs that will enhance your skills and provide you with real tools and methods you can put to work right away in your own teaching environment.

Here <http://www.mla.lib.mi.us/files/Promotional%20flyer%20pdf%20final.pdf> is a quick outline of the MILI Program:

Keynote speaker: Dr. Caroline Stern, Ferris State University

Beyond Instruction: Practical Techniques and Resources for Developing Information LiteracyDr. Stern asks us "how can librarians maximize the opportunities they have to offer instruction in the limited time they have with their learners". She'll discuss learner analysis, goals and outcomes, and practical methods of instructional delivery that can improve the instructional design of your instruction sessions.

Track A - Suggested for Librarians with more than 3 years of instruction experience

Instructional Design for Information Literacy: Theory-Based Practical Tips

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Caroline Stern, reviews instructional design basics and "how to" practical, classroom-tested models for instructional design that can help improve the development and delivery of instruction.

Effective Needs Assessment

Dr. Monica Tracey, Wayne State University, focuses on identifying and using the tools of Needs Assessment including identifying learner characteristics, knowledge, skills and ability assessment. You'll walk away with a Needs Assessment Toolkit to help you answer the question, "what do they want?"

Track B - Suggested for Librarians with less than 3 years of instruction experience

Using a VAKuum to Learn About Yourself as a Teacher and Your Students as Learners

Leslie M. Behm, Michigan State University, focuses on VAK, the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Find out what the differences are and how to work with your material to make your teaching more effective.

I'm Up Here! Presentation and Teaching Techniques that Engage Your Audience from Start to Finish

Veronica Bielat, Wayne State University and Elise Brown, Kendall College of Art & Design, explore the methods of effective presentation and ways to develop a classroom environment of cooperation and collaborative learning.

Learn how to engage your students the minute they enter the door of your classroom.

Sign <http://www.mla.lib.mi.us/events/programs/form_workshop_registration>
up for MILI today!! Make sure you tell us which track you would like to participate in the Additional Information area of the Registration Form.

For questions about MILI please contact:

Veronica Bielat
Wayne State University Education Librarian
ag6887 at wayne.edu
(313) 577-4217 phone

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