Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Michigan Library Association Information Literacy Award

Several months ago, I learned that I had been named the recipient of the 2008 Michigan Library Association Information Literacy Award. I was honored to learn of this and happy I did not have to accept the award (and make any mini-speech) until October when the award is presented at the annual MLA Conference in Kalamazoo.

Much to my surprise, the Dean of the CMU Libraries decided there should be a reception held in my honor for this. While happy and grateful, I also found this a bit awkward. People usually only get receptions when they retire...

The event went well and I was happy to see and speak with my colleagues from Central Michigan University. The cake was nice. And the coconut shrimp was excellent. :]

I was also happy that my wife and youngest son could attend. My oldest boy is off to summer camp but we put a piece of cake in the freezer for him so he can have it when he comes home Friday.

My thanks to all my colleagues (students, support staff, librarians, and administrators) I have either worked with or have associated with through professional associations, conferences, and the publishing process. My thoughts and work in information literacy and library instruction have been built through my association with all of you and I am truly grateful.

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