Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cryptids are Real

I have two sons. They often watch the Cartoon Network. Recently, the network has been running some commercials promoting a site titled Cryptids are Real.

A description of the site reads:

Discover the hidden world of cryptids. Watch legendary animals caught on video, read eyewitness monster encounters, and track creatures like the Loch Ness Monster.

The site looks nice. It has the commercials online, some headlines, graphics with brief text, and a map for tracking cryptid sittings. The site is not deep and there is not really a lot of content yet. I think this site was developed to promote a new cartoon show on the network.

It does not take long to see that this is a hoax site. None of the stories are real. Headlines like "Bigfoot's Stinky Cousin" give it away. However, as this site is aimed at children, will this not be taken seriously by some of them? For this reason, I am going to classify this as a hoax site. It could be useful for teaching Web evaluation and critical thinking skills to elementary school students.

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