Monday, September 22, 2008

Fifth UNESCO information literacy workshop held in Ankara

Claudio Laferla has a report of an international information literacy conference held in Turkey. The report is titled Fifth UNESCO information literacy workshop held in Ankara. It looks like this was a nice event.

Some highlights as noted in the report:

The Workshop Programme was extensive and covered every aspect of IL: theoretical and practical, pedagogical and curricular. After each lecture, we were divided randomly into groups and started our workshop. These workshops were intended for participants to put into practice their newly learnt knowledge. The beauty of these types of workshops is that at the same time, cross-fertilisation of ideas, methods and styles comes out to the fore through the intense and diverse interactions. Social networking is at its peak in these types of settings. It is actually during these interactions that most of the acquired knowledge is understood, clarified and accentuated. These workshops are what makes the conference excel and reach new heights.

The main topics of the programme of the workshop covered the following aspects:

· the concept of information literacy and lifelong learning;

· information literacy and lifelong learning as 'twin concepts';

· programmes, models and developed and tested standards for information literacy;

· sharing “Best Practices”;

· course syllabus;

· “needs analysis”;

· learning styles;

· information literacy teaching methods and techniques;

· information literacy evaluation techniques; and

· integrating information literacy into curricula.

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