Thursday, October 09, 2008

Faculty Affairs puts together avoiding plagiarism module

Like most institutions of higher education, Lewis-Clark State College is having problems with plagiarism. However, they are doing something about. An article titled Faculty Affairs puts together avoiding plagiarism module has details.

The article notes:

The Lewis-Clark State College Faculty Affairs Committee continues to make a difference in striving for academic integrity in education.

Last year, the committee worked closely with Library Services, particularly Barbara Barnes and Lynne Bidwell, with the goal of providing academic integrity resources and a heightened level of plagiarism education to the LCSC learning community in partnership with Dean Andy Hanson and Kristy Roberts from Distance Learning.

Brian L. Christenson, an assistant professor in Social Work and Faculty Senate Chair, says the hard work of the group has paid off. The committe has put together an information literacy module, “Avoiding Plagiarism,” that has been incorporated into the Student Development Orientation Courses as a standard of practice. Each student is required to complete the module and pass a blackboard quiz designed by Barbara Barnes. Furthermore, the literacy module has been published as a “best practice” example in the book, "The Plagiarism Plaque."

The information literacy module can be previewed at:

A bibliography of resources on the topic can be viewed at:

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