Friday, October 31, 2008

Irked by Information Literacy!

Happy Halloween! Here is a news story to give librarians a horror fright. Students at Mills College in California are cheating to get out of a non-credit information literacy course. This is according to an article by Darcy Caba titled College 005 irks students.

Some Mills College students have paid their classmates to complete the required online course, College 005, violating the College Honor Code.

College 005 has fulfilled the Information Literacy/ Information Technology Skill requirements since fall 2004.

A current sophomore student said she had enough to deal with without worrying about completing College 005. Fed up, she did what she heard a number of other students had already done: she paid $25 for someone else to complete the class for her.

"At lunch one day, we were all just talking about it," she said. "One of [the girls] made a proposition to do it for me; she and a friend had been doing this for a while. I checked the next day and it was done, and I didn't have a hold on my account."

That day was the deadline to complete the course for students enrolled that year; those who didn't finish also had a hold placed on their account.

Well, I had to complete a non-credit course in remedial math skills when I got to college. I didn't cheat because it "complicated" my schedule and I got no academic credit for it. Who said college was easy? If it was, everyone would have a college degree and they would not be as valuable. If you don't like the requirements, drop out or transfer to another school.

Mills College needs to either make College 005 a credit course so students take it seriously or require a monitor when students log-in to complete the requirement. For the reputation and integrity of the school, this needs to be addressed quickly.

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BalisStudent said...

Maybe if she actually completed the literacy course she would be able to research her 'important' assignments more efficiently and free up time ...duh!