Sunday, November 02, 2008

Getting Wired for Life

From British Columbia comes the news article Getting 'wired' for life. It deals with the increasing shift of job skills to the Web. Include in this is a need for information literacy. This article details a K-12 curriculum for it.

From the article:

Even in the home, technological literacy is becoming increasingly important as the information we need -- even for everyday tasks -- is shifted to the Internet.

Knowing how to gather, process and manipulate data is as essential in today's quickly changing landscape as traditional numeracy and literacy skills.

The provincial Information Technology program suggests a curriculum that begins with an introduction to technology in Kindergarten to Grade 3; demonstrating an awareness of it and using it for problem solving in Grades 4 to 7; applying information technology, considering careers, and discussing cultural, ethical and legal implications in Grades 8 to 10; and in Grades 11 and 12, using sophisticated information technology tools to solve complex and varied problems.

Still, each school and classroom offers a different approach.

The challenge for students and teachers is to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of information literacy and the tools required to prepare for, and participate in, an evolving information-based society.


Gexy said...

And this is what we need to be teaching the children, the digital natives, during library class!

andr3abh said...

I to think that this important...I teach art and required my 5th graders to research an artist and create a bibliography using a book and a web page--and they had to be spoon fed. I don't think instruction can begin soon enough in this area. I'm new to IL teaching and any ideas would be helpful...thanks.