Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Backroad Librarian: Five Forwards

Marcel LeFlamme has an nice article up titled The Backroad Librarian: Five Forwards. Five steps are listed to help rural libraries become more central to their communities. The second step is promoting information literay.

LeFlamme writes, "In days of yore, you went to the library to find information on a topic; today, you type a few keywords into Google and you're faced with a billion results. So research instruction, at both public and academic libraries, has focused in on teaching patrons how to sift through and evaluate information, whether it's from the Encyclopaedia Britannica or somebody's MySpace page. Librarians call this information literacy, a set of skills that employers increasingly consider essential. A 2003 study from the University of Maryland found that perceptions (and misperceptions) about the Iraq War varied significantly according to the respondent's primary news source. For rural libraries, promoting information literacy also means promoting reasoned political investigation."

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