Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Community Media and Information Literacy in the Digital Age

This article caught my eye. It is Community Media and Information Literacy in the Digital Age. This quote stood out, "Therefore, as boyd explains, government transparency is only one part of the equation. Literacy through engagement is often the catalyst that brings private citizens into public life. However, information literacy is still reserved for the privileged few."

From the site:

Last month, danah boyd, Microsoft Researcher and Berkman Center for Internet & Society Fellow, told the audience at the Gov 2.0 Expo: "If you want information access because you want a better-informed citizenry and a fairer society, you must start embracing the importance of information literacy and the need to provide infrastructure to help people build these skills."

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Dana said...

Yes! This appeal to informed citizenry should, in my opinion, be at the forefront of struggles for funding and struggles to build info lit/transliteracy programming into all levels of education. Thanks for pointing out this article.