Friday, April 01, 2011

Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy

This is really cool. This is one of the best recent efforts I have seen for information literacy instruction. Teach it with zombies!

Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy by Michael Kelley has details. He writes, "The staff at McPherson College's Miller Library in Kansas has come up with a unique information literacy tool: zombie attack. The library has just released an online 23-page library guide in graphic novel format called Library of the Living Dead that features students taking cover in the library from zombies run amok on campus, and the flight to safety becomes a point of departure for a blood-stained lesson, replete with decapitations, in the Dewey Decimal system and other library tools."

The comic can be found at


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mara said...

Oh, Jesus! It's like darwin awards in action... what's next?